Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas in China

Christmas is long over but the decorations are still up all over our city.Our English Corner reading a Christmas carol and hearing the true story of the Nativity.
Outside a restaurant. The more traditional Chinese looking building is not historical, just decorative.
Offerings to Buddha in the window next to the Christmas tree pictured above. Three apples and a mangosteen, plus some tea.
Pictures of Santa are everywhere. Pictures of the nativity are no where to be found.
Wu Ai shopping area. A mixture of Christmas stuff and Chinese New Year's decorations.

Santa is everywhere! Even at Wu Ai in Shenyang!
Our sad little fake Christmas tree. No wonderful pine smell, but no needles either. The lights lasted about three days. First they blinked all over, then the bottom half blinked, then they didn't blink at all, then no lights. They cost about a dollar so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Santa also speaks Chinese! WTG, Santa!
And a Christmas Merry to you, too!

The chocolate gold yuan that Elisabeth got on Christmas Eve. Tangible proof of His love for her.

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mmichele said...

And I hope Santa had a Christmas Merry, too!