Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eating Out in China

Paul and I often grab a bite to eat on our way home from language school.  One of our favorite places is a small shop near our home.  I usually have the bowl of noodles for less than a dollar.

The noodles are made fresh in the front window.  You can see them cooking in the big pot.  We often ride by and see them making the dough and stretching out the noodles.

Paul likes the fried noodles-also less than a dollar a plate.

The menu.  There are many other choices on the menu.  Great character reading practice!

This restaurant is usually packed to the brim with students and workers.  However, students are now on their winter break so it was a little more empty.  On every table are two bottles of beer, soy sauce and hot peppers.

I'm sure you can figure out which fast food place this is!  Except that in China, it is a fairly formal, sit down restaurant.  It's very popular and not cheap.  We ate at one in Beijing two years ago but have never eaten at this one.

Also a familiar site to most of us!  Except that in China, KFC delivers...on bikes!

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