Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Meat Market-literally

What do three American women do on a cold Saturday morning in China? Why take a taxi to the meat market of course! In the north part of our city, there is a huge outdoor market that caters to restaurants. They often have foreign goods at a discount-things that you can't usually get at a local market where we usually shop.
The other two women had been there before and they knew what they wanted. I just went out of curiosity.
Here are some pictures-some are not for the faint of heart! Some may make you want to go vegetarian!
Goose eggs.
Sea food.

More sea food.
Beautiful vegetables-peppers, chili peppers, beans and celery.


More meat.

American's have a nebulous relationship with meat. I felt a little queasy when I saw this.
Hope my meat doesn't come off the floor.
It's interesting to me that many of my Chinese students have told me that American's smell like meat! Yet we are surrounded by meat here all the time. A few weeks ago, I brushed past half a pig on a cart. I wasn't at the butcher-I was in the lobby of our language school.
Yes- China makes it very clear where meat comes from. One more culture learning experience for me!


Alida said...

it is amazing to me how much Russia and China are alike...we have meat markets like that here too. I have not purchased meat there yet. I am such a wimp. I keep going to the European style markets and pretending that I don't know where the meat came from originally!

Stewart said...

Those are ostrich eggs :)

Walking to China said...

Hmmm. Could be right, Stewart.

Tanya said...

Just look at all those lovely crabs! YUMMY!

I grew up on a farm, and I know where meat comes from, ;) so this doesn't really gross me out.

All those veggies are beautiful.