Saturday, January 30, 2010


We are having a group people over tomorrow, so I went over to the store to get some snacks.  First up- Pocky! Favorite snack of Chinese and Korean youth groups every where.  Also known as chocolate sticks!
Oreos are everywhere here.  These are only lightly sweet.  I'll have to taste test to find out what that means!
This special snack is for my friend in Madison.  Esther L. -these are for you!  Only a mother would offer up her finger's for her children's snack pleasure.  Notice that these are from the "School Zone."  I guess Mother's Finger's give special brain power.  Also notice that this snack food is not in's Korean!  True Umma love!

I thought I was just buying plain crackers.

Milk sandwich biscuits.  The small print says "Series high food stuff.  Choiceness raw material.  Produced meticulous. Best enjoyment.  Good taste Quality guarantee.  Agreeable to taste.  Give food, choose treasure."

What do you think this is?  

Yes!  It's 3 ply toilet paper!  Mind Act Upon Mind...I have no idea what that means.  I just hope and pray that the symbol in the right upper corner doesn't mean it's been recycled.


Esther said...

Hilarious! When you wrote my name next to the "Mother's Finger," I laughed out loud before I finished reading your sentence b/c I thought you were thinking of one particular finger!

Mae said...

This is good material for the Jay Leno show. Thanks for sharing them. It is so funny especially the last part about Mind Act Upon Mind being recycled.