Sunday, January 24, 2010

Transportation in China

These are electric motorbikes or as we call them "silent killers."  Because they are electric, they are silent and come up behind you very quickly.  One came up behind me at a corner and the motor bike handle bar hooked into my sleeve.  The leather appendages on the handlebars are to protect from the cold.

This is where we park our bikes every day at language school.  We fully expect to have at least one of our bikes stolen at some point.  It just happens.

The bus at mid-day.  It was amazingly empty.  Notice the television set at the front of the bus.  Most buses have two television sets that are usually tuned to the news.

Paul walking towards the corner intersection where we cross to get to get to language school.  We were on foot because we had stopped to get breakfast from an outdoor seller.  We have learned to dodge the buses, cars and taxis as we cross the street.

A car parked on the sidewalk.  This is not unusual in China..some cars even drive on the sidewalk!  The real reason I took this picture was because of the fish sticker on the back of the car.  I know what this means in the USA but I'm curious as to what it meant on the back of this car.

The intersection where we cross.  See the water delivery guy?  Those water bottles are full!

Carts are used to transport good around the city.  This is a bike push cart and a push cart.

A man pushing his wife on their bike cart.  I've tried to convince Paul that this is a great alternative form of transportation but so far he hasn't agreed.  Maybe if we stay in China long enough!

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