Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I've posted before about our cat and his love of using our baby's formula scoops as toys.  He jumps up when we mix the formula and tries to get the scoop. We try not to psychologically analyze this too much..just because the source of the baby's nutrition moves smoothly along our wood floor...we think this is the draw of the scoop.
Occasionally I've wondered what happened to all those scoops.  They seem to disappear pretty often.  I haven't put much thought into it or looked for them.  After all, we go through a lot of formula and there is always a fresh scoop to be had.
So today Paul was cleaning out his office and this is what he found under a large, stuffed chair.

Dust, dirt and a plethora of formula scoops!

So he cleaned them up and dumped them on the floor in the living room (where the floor is swept at least once a day).  The cat wasn't sure what to do with all the scoops.

He quickly figured it out though.  I bagged up the rest to dole out as others get lost.  Why buy toys when you can get them for free!


prechrswife said...

That is too funny! Our cats used to play with the plastic rings from milk jugs. When we were moving out of our house in Atlanta, we found somewhere between 20-30 plastic rings under one couch. (That couch was low to the ground, so it wasn't easy to vacuum underneath.)

Mama's Three Little Burkey's said...

too cute!