Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shen me? 什么?

When you don't understand something in Chinese, one of the many things you can say is "Shen me/ 什么?which kind means "What?"  So along those lines, I bring you the toilet restaurant.  Coming to a mall near us.

Just eewww!

I just have no words.  I'm just happy they aren't squatty potties.  Here is the website for the restaurant
.  It makes me gag just to think about it.

I see "keep close" on a lot of signs.  Darn unvoiced "d" sounds!

I assume "piling" means rushing into each other and pushing.

Here, scourge away the toilet images from your mind with a few shots of the sweet baby.

Remind me to move my feet next time!


Nancy J said...

I am glad you are getting it first.

Walking to China said...

Yes, we are very cutting edge here in the frozen tundra!

India said...

hey, don't discount the toilet restaurant! i went to one they have in taipei and it was very funny and reasonably good food. yours looks like some classy bathrooms, though!

Ellie said...

Eww! I can see it being something juvenile boys would get a kick out of, but yuck!

a Tonggu Momma said...


prechrswife said...

That's just bizarre...the baby pictures at the end were worth it, though. :-)