Thursday, January 20, 2011

What did we do this week?

We are in the slow season in China.  It's almost Chinese New Year and it's hard to make appointments or get any business done.  In the first two weeks of February, most of China pretty much shuts down.  Stores are open but things are more expensive.  We have heard that policeman give out more tickets because they need money to give as gifts at Chinese New Year.  Fortunately, we don't drive here.
Last year, we were in Hong Kong on Chun Jie and saw the fantastic fireworks- magic!  This year, Elisabeth will be in the Phillipines on her service trip and we will be here.  We are excited to actually be in China for Chinese New Year!
So what did we do this week?

Paul - studied Chinese every day.  Not that that should surprise any of you who know him!  He also did some teaching of important things.  Almost every day around 4:00, he gets a text message of things that Sandy wants him to buy on his way home.  His Chinese teacher thinks this is hilarious.

Sandy- studied Chinese with her language helper.  Her main job was to care for the sweet baby.  This is a joyful sacrifice for her and one that we hope bears much fruit in his life. She also helped two Chinese women with their English pronunciation.  She went to the PFA meeting at the international school, which was held in English, Chinese and Korean.  The people speaking those languages weren't necessarily from those countries.

Elisabeth went to school, did homework, went to mentoring and had play practice.  Pretty much the same week as always.

The sweet baby popped out two bottom teeth, worked hard on rolling back and forth, practice sitting with Elisabeth and almost crawled.  Exciting days for him.

Our temperatures are well below freezing.  Last Saturday when we went out, our eyelashes and eye brows got icicles immediately.  But we plug on, riding our bikes and enjoying our lives here.

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