Monday, January 24, 2011

Yes, I did think it would be easier

When we first got our sweet little foster son,  we felt that the best way we could love him would be to get him healthy and get him to a family.  We still believe that.  Our goal has always been to foster - at our ages and where we are in life, we still believe that a younger family would be the best thing for him.
I think like an American because...well, I am an American.  I believe that every problem has a solution if we just plan things right.  I am known in my family for saying "Be a problem solver" and I am not always very kind  or patient when I say it.
People from other countries know that while every problem may have a solution, not every problem get solved. The road to solution may be long and circuitous.  It may lead to a dead end or have several cul-de-sacs.  Such is the case with international adoption.  The road is circuitous.  It is very, very long. Special needs adoption is very, very complicated. Along every turn, we are reminded that our little guy does not belong to us...except for in our hearts.
Sometimes I look at our little guy and I wonder what his future will hold.  Will a family come forward?  Will the complicated procedure of getting him officially "adoptable" ever happen?  Will his future be with a family?  A foster family?  A foster home?  or a an institution?   I know what we hope for him.
Life here for special needs kids is complex.  Please read the links below of another child with Down Syndrome and his night spent with a very special foster mom and her attempts to get him medical care.  She is also our doctor for our little guy and just an outstanding physician and and advocate.

Because it is Sunday, it's time for Ni Hao Y'Alls Sunday Snapshot.
The following three pictures are of our little guy, his general disdain for socks and pride in being able to take them off.

Ni Hao Yall


Annie said...

I have been praying for your little guy and his paperwork all week!!! He is just SO cute!!

joannmski said...

I am with Yuan Bao. No socks for me. Love you guys.

Tanya said...

He is so CUTE!!

And no socks here, either.

Praying for a forever family soon.

Walking to China said...

Please notice that it is the Southern California people that are giving the no socks comments! It's well below freezing here in NE China. Sockless on China is a big cultural no-no!

Amy said...

Oh, I live in the MidAtlantic and I am for no socks...truly...that's my boy!
Praying, praying, praying....

Anonymous said...

Thankful for my socks in ice-cold Kentucky!!! My little brother used to wear shorts and nothing else while eating ice cream and sitting next to me as I was hovering over a heating vent with an afghan wrapped tightly around my shoulders.

Is Yuan Bao with a particular adoption agency? I have mentioned him to several adoption groups, not by name but by situation, and the first thing asked is always, "Who is he with? What are the -official- next steps to take if someone were interested?"

My husband and I are now working on finishing the home study for the little girl with cerebral palsy that I mentioned to you when we first asked about Yuan Bao. She should be home in about 8 to 12 months, more likely 12.

rsfleenor at juno dot com

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you guys and precious Yuan Bao.
I just know God has big plans for his life!

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like he's sticking out his tongue at you to let you know the socks are a bad idea in that last picture. How cute is he?
I can only imagine how hard it must be to love freely while wondering how long he'll be with you.

Walking to China said...

The official next step would be to have someone contact me! If he has a willing family, he is much more likely to get on the "adoptable" list.

Kathy said...

Is your foster son's orphanage only allowed to make a certain number of children "paper-ready" for international adoption? If so, do you know if the number is determined by the CCAA or the provincial civil affairs office? He looks and sounds like he is such a sweetie pie, that I would think a family would want to scoop him up. :-) I'm pulling for him!

Walking to China said...

That's a good question- I don't know. Information is very hard to come by here! I do know that the initiative needs to come from the orphanage. With special needs kids, they are often more willing to list children if they know there is a specific family interested. So that is our hope- that a family would step forward. He is really a cutie and doing really well!