Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Mother Daughter Banquet

In a desire to honor mother's and daughter, some of the guys in the ex-pat community organized a mother daughter banquet last night.  Different guys were assigned different tasks- for example -one guy smoked the chicken on his roof top smoker.  Some others were assigned entertainment, decorations, plates and silverware and side dishes.  It is entirely possible that some wives had to help their husband's with this tasks.  It's also possible that that is just a rumor.
Anyway, it was a fun evening for all involved.  There were all kinds of mothers- birth mothers, adoptive mothers and foster mothers.  One little girl had been with her foster family for about one day!  She ran around happily in her new environment.  There were teenagers and children in high chairs.  It was fun to be served by the guys and just to relax and enjoy being mothers and daughters.

Of course, I brought my favorite daughter.

There was some music with a few technical glitches.

"The Children's Hour" was read, along with some corny jokes.

The sweet baby came, too.

Sweet little three year old.

A Chinese girl was fascinated by our little guy.  In this one child society, children don't often hang out with children of varying age groups.

Cute toddlers and pretty decorations.

Our friends.

We also sang as a group.

Paul gave the "homily" and if you know Paul at all, you know it was fun and dramatic!


Patricia said...

LIKE!! What a wonderful thing for the men to step up and honor the ladies! I'm happy you all had a fun evening!

Tara Anderson said...

What a fun and special thing for you to be able to share with your favorite gal! :)