Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did Oceanic 815 fly out of Beijing?

Because this was on the wall in the waiting are for our flight to Kunming.

Is it just me, or is the picture of the plane falling out of the sky just not comforting? Doesn't this remind you of the plane from Lost? Did the people from Oceanic 815 have Aviation Insurance?  Would it have made any difference?
Either way, we had tremendously bumpy flight from Beijing. Like get out the barf bags bumpy. Fortunately, we didn't need any aviation insurance and flew smoothly from Kunming to Chiang Mai. It's beautiful, lush and warm and we're happy to be here.


prechrswife said...

Not the most comforting picture to see in an airport... Have a great trip!

Lib said...

As someone who followed LOST from start to finish, I thought this post was HILARIOUS. Yep, not comforting at all--glad you made it safely to your destination without ending up on "the island."

Hope you're doing well.