Sunday, April 24, 2011

This just in....

I found my winter, warm slippers.

After freezing for a few days, I asked my helper where the slippers where that were previously in the slipper basket. "Zai nali  在那里。"  she said with a wave of her hand. This basically means "Over yonder"  "Zai nar? 在 那 儿"  (Where)? I asked。She looked at me firmly and said it was too hot to wear those slippers. I gave up.
Then as I was cleaning the cat little box on Friday, I leaned over and looked in the bathroom cupboard and there they were, wrapped up in a plastic bag.  Victory for warm feet!  Now if we could just find Elisabeth's Converse tennis shoes.
Anyway, we are back to life as usual.  Chinese class, teaching, taking care of our little guy, praying for his future, looking at colleges for Elisabeth and so on. I've been really under the weather since we returned from Thailand  and haven't done much.
 Here are a few pictures of our week.

We were all happy to be back together after ten days apart.

Paul went to a new English Corner since ours has been temporarily suspended.

One of his friends.

Our little guy continued to be fascinated by the cards we have for him.  

His sitting is better and better.

Cloth books are so fun!

Still loving the cards.

Yes, he need a hair cut.  Remember how bald he was when we got him?

Yes, he is a Gleek.

At the doctor the other day, he weighed 11 kilograms and was 73 centimeters.  Jia you, little baby.  I don't think we can call you "failure to thrive" any more.


Krista said...

Jia you, sweet baby!! how i love seeing his smiling face!! and i'm glad you found your toasty slippers :D

prechrswife said...

Glad you found your slippers. :-) Love those pictures of your precious boy. I can't believe all of that hair! :-)

Sue said...

You saved a life. What an honor.
Miss you!

Tarasview said...

Yay for warm feet!

I love the picture of E & YB!