Monday, April 18, 2011

Food in Thailand.

Let me first say how sweet it was to come home to this little chunk of blurry deliciousness.

Our little guy stayed with two families while we were gone.  He was loved, coddled and both entertaining and entertained.  We are very thankful that we have good friends that we can trust to care for him.
When we picked him up, he was sitting in the lap of our friend.  He saw us and instantly recognized us.  He looked at me and said "Mama."  That was one of the most poignant/wonderful/sad moments of my life.  It just makes me want a family in his future all the more and I will never give up praying for that.

On  a less serious note - Amy's frozen food in the grocery store!  You can laugh but if you don't live overseas, you have no idea how much familiar and really good food can mean.  We each got one for lunch, took it home and microwaved it.  Heaven.

A little hole in the wall restaurant near where we stayed.  Chicken, potatoes and basil.

What do you think is inside this basket?

 Cooked rice for the meal!

Mango salad.

A funky ice cream place that Elisabeth found online.  We miss this kind of artistic, creative environment.

The big dog.

Look who followed us to Thailand!

I can't say enough about the fruit smoothies.  We had one almost every day.  At this place, you basically pick the cup of fruit and they blend it for you.  I had mango- divine!

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Tarasview said...

oh he called you mama... that brought tears to my eyes. Praying daily.