Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In this land that is 95% Buddhist, shrines are simply everywhere. It would be more unusual not to have a shrine than to have a shrine. They are in the airport, malls, stores and homes. We even saw one in a parking lot. This one is outside of a home.
This is outside of a coffee shop that should be familiar to most people- Starbucks! On the shrine are even small cups of Starbucks coffee.

This one is outside of a Tesco market. It has people and flowers on it. Little girls walk around selling the flowers. 

Did you know that monks could buy DVDs? Neither did we.
Some of the offerings are very practical. This is in front of an idol but will probably be used for the monks. We assume the statues don't need coffee or TP.


Sheri said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. I just love following your travels.

Sheri in Galveston

Raymond said...

Hello from Columbia, MO. What a fresh eyes you have in seeing China. Do send me an e-mail because an old friend wants to visit you.

Walking to China said...

Send us your e-mail, Raymond!

Steph said...

How funny to see people from the temple shopping for movies! Actually the ones in white are usually nuns!