Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Fish Pedicure

One of the great advantages of living and traveling in countries that are less regulated than the USA are things like over the counter antibiotics, riding your bike against traffic, jaywalking with out penalties and letting fish eat the dead skin off of your feet.  While we were in Thailand, we decided to get a fish pedicure.  All three of us wanted to do it but as it happened, just Elisabeth and I ended up doing it.  We were at a market while Paul stayed behind (he had been a good sport through two other markets and we thought it was time to give him a break). Elisabeth spotted a fish pedicure/internet cafe and we decided to check it out.  That's right- using a computer while your feet are in a big vat of water- I told you that we live and travel in less regulated places.
So we went over and haggled the price down.  We rinsed our shoes off and stuck our feet in the tanks.  Nothing really happened.  The owner noticed we were declining the water/electricity risk and told us to move to the tanks in the windows of the store where the fish were "stronger."  So we did.  It was an absolute hoot and we drew a huge crowd.  Many people took pictures and many people talked to us through the glass.  A few came in and had a pedicure, too.  I told the owner that we should get a cut of his business.
It was weird, it felt odd but you get used to the feeling after a while. Here are some of the pictures.

Front window view.

The fish are some kind of carp.  They don't have teeth but they kind of nibble at the skin.  I thought they'd go straight for my heals but they nibble all over the feet.  At first it was odd but then you get used to it.  However, I couldn't watch them.

Neighborhood kids playing on the internet.  Very few of them actually kept their feet in the water but were more into using the computer.

A man stops by and looks at Elisabeth's feet.  He was a little taken aback, I think.

One of the many large multi-national crowds that gathered to watch.  It was really fun to interact with them.

This picture gives me the heebies-jeebies.  It reminds me of the movie "The Birds" except in fish form.

Good advertising for their business!

And speaking of weird things in our lives..flying back from Chiang Mai to our city is a two day affair.  We left on the 7:30 flight from Chiang Mai to KunMing, China.  We found a fun hotel on e-long.  The Saga Inn.  However, we arrived in KunMing late and it took our taxi driver forever to find the hotel.  When we got to the hotel, they didn't have an extra bed for Elisabeth.  So she slept on the too short fold out sofa.  She was a great sport about it.

This was our bed- "Love American Style" flash back, anyone? It was less than comfortable.  But the hotel was cheap!


coffee_pot said...

How completely cool! I need a pedicure like that!! Thanks for sharing.

India said...

I went to a national park here in Taiwan and went swimming in a gorge. If you move, you're okay, but if you dangle your feet in, fish just like those come and chew on your feet. It's bizarre, I agree!

Tarasview said...

wow that would be so odd feeling!! Cool experiences for you guys :)

Orit said...

What interesting experiences you get to have! I remember once in Israel when I was in the water with Liana at the beach and the water was dead calm. The fish kept coming up to us and nibbling on our legs. She was only 3 and I didn't want it to scare her, so I kept flailing my arms and legs around her so that they wouldn't take a nibble!

Love the bed!!

pwnmom said...

The fish pedicure would FREAK ME OUT! I don't even like to go in the ocean/lakes.. ewww. It is kinda cool though.

I love that you share this stuff with us! Thanks.

Tanya said...

I am literally laughing out loud at that bed! Crazy!!

I was looking forward to your description of the fish pedi. I'd really like to try one.

jjnscat49 said...

They have fish pedicures in the States now. One in Madison mentioned on the local news.

Sarah Katelyn Imagery said...

That's the first time I've ever heard of anything like that! I think you were very brave to try it ; )