Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on the little guy

All my children, hanging out.

So our little guy will be 18 months on May 2.  We have had him for about 8 months.  He has gone from 3.3 kilograms to 11 kilograms thanks to the "Chunk 'em up" diet of supplemented formula, good healthy food, a regular routine and a strong diet of love.
He can now clap (soundlessly) and wave.  He can sit for extended periods of time but not get into a sitting position by himself.  He can roll, scoot backwards and kind of schootch himself around the room.  He loves computer cords and is on a constant hunt for any kind of cord.  He loves yogurt, applesauce, apple juice and bananas.  He mostly eats what we eat- we just grind it up for him.  He has two teeth on the bottom, one top tooth partially through, one other top tooth about to erupt, one top molar coming in and many other teeth about to come in.  He drools a lot!
One of the biggest changes in him is that he initiates contact.  We used to make kissing sounds at him and he would kiss back.  Now he kisses at us and we kiss back at him.  He talks to us and nods his head if we ask him a question.

Over the months we have exercised his body a lot.  Now he likes to exercise us.  The pictures below may look like Elisabeth is moving his arms.  He is actually moving hers!

We are so thankful for the Father who loves him more than we ever could and we continue to pray for a future and a hope for him.


Sally-Girl! said...

I along with you am praying for his future!! Thank you for all you have given him so far!

He is just a cutie pie!!!

Shash said...

I wish you could keep him forever, he looks like he belongs with you guys.

Tarasview said...

E & YB together is a beautiful sight :)

Praying for his future every day!

prechrswife said...

I read this yesterday, but didn't have a chance to comment. I love seeing how well your little man is growing and developing. He is just precious. Thank you for being the gift you are in his life.

Christine said...

Love to see Elizabeth and him together. Wonderful for him, and equally wonderful for her. Love in action!