Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally, Filoli!

For years, I have heard people talk about Filoli.  Somehow, despite growing up in this area, I have never been.  I've seen the house from highway 280 but never knew it was Filoli.  Filoli is a beautiful home and grounds built by a family that got their money from the Empire Mine.  For more information, click on this link. 

It was warm and sunny and it was fun to walk around with my daughter.

This is the house.  It was used in the filming of the old  night time soap opera "Dynasty." Not that I ever watched that of course.

Floo network anyone?

Ready to travel.

The hills were gorgeous.

These were a kind of ball flower.

Close-up- it was really funky.

The pool- stunning.

The hills, the colors....lovely.


The knot garden.

The Door to the Secret Garden.  Elisabeth played Mary in last years school play so we had to take a picture for her director, Mrs. Johnson.

Again my soul was fed with beauty and I am so glad we went.


Goosegirl said...

Oh my goodness!! We used to live so close to Filoli! The same exit, but the other direction down the hill. It is so beautiful! So glad you had fun. Are you going to be in the Sonoma County area? It would be so cool to meet you in real life!

Walking to China said...

We will be in and out of CA over the next two months. We are on the Peninsula right now. I'll let you know if we are headed your way.

TheMaskedSparrow said...

Wow, beautiful. It looks like Stately Homes here in the UK.

symedesl said...

I found a used copy of "The Secret Garden" in Chinese. I think about the play in every sentence.