Thursday, June 16, 2011

Of cousins and such.

Yes, we do miss him.  The first few days were fine.  Then, on Sunday we were in church.  Babies were baptized. We got choked up. The congregation sang "Might to Save" right after the baptism.  That is our song that we sing over our little guy.  Elisabeth and I started crying then and we've been aching for him.  He is in good care and doing well.  Paul went to see him and he was fine.  But we do miss him...a lot.

We do have some good distractions in things that make us know that we are in Palo Alto!  Electric cars!

The Farmer's Market with food  from Oaxaca. Overheard by Elisabeth "No, that's just pesticide free.  It's not organic."

A hummus shop...coming sooner or later!

It's a little hard to see, but this is a group of veiled Middle Eastern girls.  We love the variety of people here.

Of course we had to go to Foothill Park for a barbeque.  Elisabeth and her cute cousin gave my youngest brother tips on the  hamburgers.

My dad.

Attack of the tongs.

Cold Cousins.

We also went out to Shoreline to see the pelicans.

We saw two in the sky.  It's a little early for them.

Sunset over the bay.


Tarasview said...

I'm glad Yuan Bao is doing ok and that you and E are having a good time. *hugs*

Jodi said...

What a wonderful visit you are having! I'm sure you are missing your little guy - but glad he is doing well!