Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to go to the beach in our part of California

When you hear the words "sun", "beach" and California, you may think that involves bathing suits and swimming in the water.
That is true in some parts of California...but not our part.  Here is what it is like to go to the beach in our part of Northern California.

Walk down to the small but interesting lighthouse.  Look at the Youth Hostel that is there and consider what it would be like to spend the night there.  Without your teenager.

Look at the waves dashing against the rocks and imagine yourself falling into the water and what you would do if that happened.

Think about the book The Water Babies.

Look at the brown cormorants flying across the horizon.

Look at the signs that have different milages to different cities and realize again that you are really far away from China.

Consider this. 

You have known this your whole life.

When you go to the beach in our part of California, you wear heavy sweatshirts and blankets.

The waves with the dangerous rip tides.

Some teenagers have to feel the water to be reminded how blood chilling cold it is.

The seagulls wait eagerly for  left over sandwiches.

Walk away happy and refreshed.

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