Saturday, June 25, 2011

Places we've been.

I put Elisabeth on a plane to Minneapolis today and I am sitting in a hotel room near the Seattle Airport.  I leave at 7AM tomorrow morning to go back to California for a few days before we meet up again next week in Missouri.  I skyped with Paul for a while today, catching up on China news and sharing about our time in the USA and Canada.  Our little guy is doing well with his Chinese family but I just ache for him.  Maybe it's because we've been so busy and I miss our quiet days in our apartment.  
Anyway-here are some of the places we've been so far this summer.

Stanford.  The beauty of the chapel is amazing.

Santa Cruz-seals and beautiful beaches with fun cousins.

San Francisco- city hall, the Asian Art Museum and coffee with an old college friend.  There is nothing like a bright, sparkly day in San Francisco.

Seattle!  Aside from a being a nightmare to drive in, what a city.  So beautiful and so much to do.

The World Vision Headquarters in Federal Way, Washington.  Elisabeth has a great interest in this organization and it was an honor to visit this place that has done such great work for children all over the world.

Highways.  Many, many miles of highway.

Canada!  Peach Arch at the Border.

Vancouver-what a city.  I wish we'd had time to see more.

We happened to turn down a wrong road when we were driving back to Seattle.  This is what we found- a stunning sunset against the ocean.  Food for our souls.

Chinatown in Seattle.  Loved the dragons!

Seattle Pacific.  This may be the one for Elisabeth.  All the right things that make it a great fit.  Now let the scholarship work begin!


Tarasview said...

how lovely!!

I can only imagine how much you miss sweet baby!! :(

Goosegirl said...

Oh I love all the pics!! I have been in every one of those places and love them all. I had to giggle at the Peace Arch picture. We used to lie in Bellingham,WA years ago and would drive to Canada often. Once when Don's parents were in the car with us, Don's mom asked what the Peace Arch was for. Don proceeded to make up a bizarre story about the ficticious war with the MuckLuck Indians and the Washingtonians and that the Peace Arch signifies the end of that war. He made up tons of fake details about it all and then his dad started to laugh so hard he was crying. To this day, Don's mom insists that Don would not lie to her about history. So every time I see the Peace Arch, I think about the fake Muckluck Indian war.

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you! We look forward to more updates on your decisions regarding which college!

Love, all the crew

Mrs. Sanders said...

Seattle is my family's neck of the woods! Love it!

Sharon said...

Glad you enjoyed vancouver :) Love those ferry rides.

Kacie said...

Fun. I've had many friends at SPU. My younger sister tried to get in, and was accepted. The financial package wasn't good enough, though, so she's sitting out a year and then she'll see how it goes.

Tanya said...

Just catching up. Such lovely pictures.

That sunset is truly awesome.