Friday, July 6, 2012

28 years.

We sold the rest of our furniture this morning and spent the rest of the day packing and sorting.  It's our anniversary tomorrow so we went to the Shenyang TV Tower for dinner.

We biked over to the Tower, bought the 70 RMB tickets (the view and dinner) and took the elevator to the top.

It was a pretty hazy day but in the foreground you can see the "Y" building...the letter "Y"  not the YMCA.

The Feng Yuan Building-this building is pretty amazing.  It's completely circular.

Looking towards our aparntments.  We can see that bridge from our windows.

The revolving restaurant.  During our dinner, it made it about a quarter turn around.

The chicken head in our chicken. Honestly, this was the worst food we have ever had in China.  We should have just gone to the street market.

It was fun to go up and fun to see our city from the top.  It was our 28 year anniversary and a great way to celebrate.


Amelia said...

Happy anniversary. Ours is today - 21 yrs.

Katie said...

We ate up there once a few years ago, and the food was just as bad then! Happy Anniversary!