Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Middle Aged People on a little vacation.

We are slowly meandering up the coast of Oregon, breathing in its beauty.  Elisabeth is still at the TCK re-entry seminar in Portland so it's just the two of us...which is pretty fun.

We stopped for lunch at this beautiful little inlet.

There were many, many crab....cages? traps?  What are they called?

We went to a place called Devil's Churn in Cape Perpetua.  Where did I learn about Devil's Churn?  Pinterest!  I saw a picture  of it and looked it up.

The water rushes into the little cove really fast and furious.

It the devil!  It was really fun to watch.

We stopped overnight in Lincoln and then drove up to Tillamook. We have a love for little museums so we stopped at the Tillamook Pioneer Museum.  There were plenty of pioneer artifacts but upstairs is the room of  things to scare your children to death with...seriously.  It was taxidermy heaven!

"Children, if you don't listen to me, you'll have to go behind the glass with the yak?  Buffalo?  and the polar bear and the bear....they will teach you how to behave."

Oh my....just wow!

Then we drove over to the Tillamook Cheese factory where we saw loaves of cheese being packaged...the two pound loaf and the smaller one.  They were being cut right about here.

All the workers had these funny t-shirts on and they were friendly and waved at the people gawking at them from above.

They also had fantastic ice cream.

We headed over to hike up to a beautiful little waterfall (only 1/4 mile so didn't work off the ice cream).  These are salmon berries.  I've never seen salmon berries or heard of them.  I just heard a girl on the trail say they were salmon berries and either she is right or she was showing off to the boy she was with.  He ate one and seemed okay.

The waterfall..that is as close as you can get.  It was stunning.

The moss on the trees was incredible-like being in a dinosaur movie.

Paul on the trail.
Tonight is our last night of our trip. We are going out for crab and then to a headlands that has a lighthouse.  We will have a beautiful drive back, stop off at Multnomah to bring Elisabeth a belt for her dress that she needs for her banquet on Thursday.  Then we will cross the Columbia to Vancouver....and start figuring out our new life.


Karen said...

They ARE Salmon berries and I've been to that I'm enjoying this trip right along with you! Speaking of salmon....this weekend?

Sarah K said...

Yep - those are salmon berries, though most tend to be a little more "salmon" colored. Maybe those just aren't ripe yet!

Sharon said...

They are called, crab pots! Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

Ellie said...

Please, please never tell my boys "that's as close as you can get" to my boys! The first response will be "Why?" and the second "I think you could get closer".

So pretty, though, isn't it? The Pacific northwest was my "home" for a period of time.