Monday, July 23, 2012

Where we have been the last few weeks.

Elisabeth and I flew from Shenyang to Korea to San Francisco about two weeks ago.  She was so sick on the plane, I was afraid we'd be quarantined. The day after we arrived, we went to the Palo Alto Urgent Care  Clinic where she was diagnosed with strep throat and an ear infection.  To quote the doctor "Wow, that's a lot of pus in your ear" and "Wow, that's a lot of pus in your throat."  They gave her an ibuprofen shot to ease her pain and put her on anti-biotics and prescription pain meds.  It's been a slow recovery for her.  I don't think I have ever seen her so sick.  So if you flew from Korea to San Francisco a few weeks ago and got, so sorry. I didn't know.
So our first week in the US was pretty quiet. We rested, bought some books and saw some friends. We also went to an advising seminar for Elisabeth and she signed up for her first quarter classes. Paul flew in on Friday. Saturday we put Elisabeth on a plane for Portland where she is currently attending a re-entry seminar for third culture kids about the start college.  Sunday night, Paul and I drove to Fresno where we spent five days doing our own re-entry seminar.
It was five days of doing hard soul work.  We talked about China, our sweet little guy, Elisabeth, expectations for the future and more. We talked a lot of about grief and how to grieve well. The grief of not having our little guy is our life is powerful and overwhelming.  As much as I have written about him, I just can't write about this.  It feels sacred and private.  We have grief..and we have peace.
The time there was very good and the people were very kind, helpful and gentle.  It was well worth the time.

We also drove up to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. I don't even have words for how beautiful it was.

When we were finished at Linkcare, we drove to Sacramento to see dear friends that we have known....forever!  It was fun and refreshing to see them and I hope that now we will be on the West Coast, we will see them more often.
Today we drove from Sacramento to Crescent City, Ca. Look on a map to see how far that is.  We will continue up to coast tomorrow and get to our new place outside of Portland later this week. The drive today was also spectacularly beautiful- golden hills, to fir trees to ocean, to ferns to....well, here are the pictures.

Rest stop outside of Humboldt, CA

Patrick's Point.  I camped here 30 years ago.

Volcanic Rock formations at Patrick's Point.

Wild waves and beautfiul sunny skies.


Crescent City volcanic rocks in the ocean.

The Lighthouse Keeper feeding Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (All my friends who grew up in the 70's know who that is!)

The Lighthouse where the Lighthouse keeper lives.  I want to live here, see whales, feed gulls and occasionally talk to visitors.  It's my new life goal!  It's spectacular.
Tomorrow- the Oregon Coast.


Sally-Girl! said...

Aww you were in our hometown seeing your dear friends!!! And Patricks Point is where I camped 30 years ago as well as 3 years ago!!! I love Humboldt County.

Welcome back to the states. I am prayerful over your re-entry!

Alida said...

You have been in my prayers...grief and peace are both good. I can understand not being able to write about certain aspects of your life there. That makes sense to me. Bless you♥

Angie said...

Sounds like re-entry is going well. What is a third culture child?

gvandyk said...

I am glad to hear that you are all safly back in the US. I am praying for your ajustments and for the new ministry you will begin in. As for Johnathan Livington Seagull I rmember it well and have a copy in my book colection. It is agood reminder that there is something greater than what the world has to offer. It opens up the greatness of God and the freedom we have in our seeking and living in His love.

Sandy said...

You bet, Gvandky! That was the most ridiculous book ever!
Angie- a TCK is a Third Culture Kid- a kid who has grown up outside of their own culture. They form an identity that is part their passport culture, part the culture in which they grew up in...thus a third culture! It's a unique viewpoint.