Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things we (and others) say in China that we don't say in America.

*I have to put more money on my phone.
*Do you want to bike or taxi?
*I am going to Beihang-do you need butter?
*There is cheese at Metro-do you want some?
*That is so much mafan (Trouble).
*I am going to be late to school because we have to register at the PSB (police security bureau).
*  I am going to late to school because I have to go the visa office.
*  _______is going to be late to school because he is flying in from Korea.
* School is closed because a. no water. b. no electricity. c. no heat.
*Are you going to Thailand for Chinese New Year?
* Can you ask the ayi to make tortillas?
*  Shen me? (What?)
*  Ting bu dong. (Don't understand)
*Can you call driver Ji to take us to the orphanage for vaccinations/ DeJi Hospital for the orphan care clinic or the airport?
* How much was that?
*Can you make that a little cheaper?
* Can you get me a straw for the yogurt?
*I don't feel well- can you go to the pharmacy and get me some anti-biotics?
*  You are going to Thailand?  Can you get me (what ever medicine is unavailable in China).
*Where is fellowship this week?
*I am going to Beijing for the weekend.
* I've all ready been to the Great Wall.
*What tone is that?
*I can read 3 out of 5 characters on that sign.
*What's the security code to get in your apartment building.
*On a cell phone to a friend with better Chinese "Can you tell the taxi driver how to get there?"
*Let's have Chun Bing for dinner!


Angie said...

Sounds like re-entry is progressing. Praying your transition will be smooth.

Christa said...

These are fun to read through! Good picture of our life in a few often used phrases. Praying for you guys!