Thursday, July 5, 2012

Once more...The Great Wall

On our second day in Dan Dong, we took a city bus up to the Tiger Mountain Portion of the Great Wall.  This small section of the Great Wall was restored in 1992 and it is really lovely. When you climb to the top, you can see the Yalu River and into North Korea.
When we first came to China in 2007, we went to a section of the Great Wall outside of Beijing.  When we first saw the Great Wall from our friend's hired car, I felt really overwhelmed.  It really is magnificent. The section of the Great Wall that we went to in 2007 was touristy and crawling with people.  It was first full day in China and we were exhausted.  It was amazing but overwhelming.
This Tiger Mountain portion of the Great Wall is quiet and surrounded by farms, mountains and villages.  It was a lovely way to end our time in China.

Yes....that small building is what we walked up to.

About halfway there.

Beautiful greenness -refreshing since we live in a grey city of 8 million people and very little green.

Paul coming up the steep and uneven steps.

Me going down the steep and uneven steps.  

Different view of the same halfway point.

Elisabeth sitting in one of the windows.

View from the not-quite top.

View of China from the top...and part of North Korea.

View of North Korea from the top.

One more mystery in China....the willingness of people to all where the same outfit and follow tour guides.  There were masses of these people in turquoise shirts.  The umbrellas are no mystery to me-it is hot here and the sun umbrellas really do make a difference.

This was the third part of the Great Wall for us...I think it may have been my favorite.

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