Friday, June 1, 2012

18 years of waking my daughter up.

Wednesday was the last day of actual high school for Elisabeth.  Finals are finished and grades are complete.  Yesterday she took off on a 30 hour train for Xi'An with the high school.  She comes back next Tuesday, has a half day at school on Wednesday and then graduates at the Sheraton on Wednesday night.
It occurred to me on Wednesday that it was my last day of waking her up for school.  Let me just say "Hallelujah."  Elisabeth has never been an early riser.  Even when she was a baby, she slept late (take note, Mr. 5 AM riser foster son).  Every day is pressing and prodding and often raised voices. Not fun.
The other day, we sent Mr. Early Riser to wake her up.  You can see how successful that was.

Cute though he is and despite mutual love, he was not enthusiastically received as an alarm clock (I have no idea why he was drinking water in her bed).
I've told her that in college, she can not sign up for early classes.  There will be no long distance phone calls to get her out of bed.

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