Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Toddler Wrangling.

Paul had to travel to another country for a few days so we sent the little guy to his ayi's while he was gone.  That gave me an opportunity to sort through some things and get a little break.  He is a super fun little guy but  six days of solo care would have been too much for me.
So we got him back yesterday, sweet as ever.  Here was his day today.

Up at 6 AM for breakfast of scrambled eggs.  Wait until big sister wakes up so he could bug her.

Trying to prepare for her tutoring job with an audience.

But the book has to go up high.

Trying to check e-mail...if you look at her mouth you an see she is saying "Noooo'

Computer out of danger...he is obsessed with trying to get the computer.

He crawls all over the place. See his cute haircut?


Getting up on the couch-this is such major progress for this little guy!

Talking on the phone to his friend, the recording that says "please hang up and dial again."

A little break to read the daily devotional "My Utmost for His Highest."

Break with his favorite blanket and a little texting with my cell phone.

Now for some magazine reading/ripping.

Down off the bed...

Off down the hall.

Lunch-noodles, cherry tomatoes, banana and peanut butter smoothie.

Looking at his cards.

3 hour nap!  Yay for both of us!  He is a deep and hard sleeper.  We have changed his diapers while he has been asleep and he doesn't wake up.

Practicing for soccer by kicking paper.

Off to the market with Mama and Baba. Yes, we do walk through traffic!  It's the only way.

His favorite gate guards- they love him too.

Jie Jie was forced into hard labor- she had to make crumb muffins to go with the chicken and salad  for dinner.  Please notice the C and H brown sugar- heaven!

A little crying time with Baba since he closed a door on his hand.  It may sound strange but the crying because of pain is a huge step for him and we really make a big deal of comforting him when he cries.  It's common for children from orphanages to not cry when they are hurt as there isn't always someone to comfort them.  He needs to learn that crying is the right response for distress.

Brushing his teeth before bed.

A little milk and his bunny and then out like a light at 7 PM.


Julie said...

It's so sweet to see moments from his day! Willow is also obsessed with obtaining a computer. She is in the process of destroying our dvd player, phones, and computers. This little guys is just too cute! I like the picture with the guards--they are really nice to Willow too! I like those guys! Love to see his progress and magnificent health! What a blessing!

Rachel Esther said...

what a fabulous chronicle of his day! He's such cutie.

Erin Martin said...

Such a sweet story of an ordinary day. So precious!

Kathy said...

So simple and so sweet. I hope that you will be able to share your photos and memories of him with his adoptive family. I'm sure that they would be priceless to them. Best wishes to yor family with all of the upcoming changes in your lives.