Monday, June 25, 2012

The foster families came back.

A few months ago  I hosted the foster care get-together for the foster moms and dads.  It was a relatively small gathering and very enjoyable.  So even though we are emptying out our apartment, I agreed to host another gathering.
This time, about 30 or more people gathered-children and adult.  We had foster moms, foster dads, foster kids, caregivers and a few more people.  The children played, the adults talked and prayed.  It was a good morning.  It's amazing to see these families break out of cultural and social norms to care for these children.  The concept of blood and family is strong here- caring for someone outside of that circle is rare.  The true love of these families for truly high need children is amazing to see.  Many of these children will not be adopted as their medical issues are high.  They need families like these to foster them in order to live and thrive.

Caregiver to child ration was pretty good!

The heartbreaking-this little guy has undefined issues...and even an undefined age.

I think she has cerebral palsy.

These two littel guys are so sweet-one handed out candy and the other played with trains all morning.

Some have autism.

Some were exhausted!

This liitle guy was  happy to have a lollipop!

This liittle guy is really dexterous despite hand malformations!

The "I like attention kid!"

Dr. Eva talked.

The moms listened to other's stories.

Our ayi with our little guy, our foster care liaison  and a German nurse who has fostered three children.

This woman talked about the amazing changes in her family that having a foster child in her  has brought about.

Lots of listening.

Loving feeding of a new guy recently brought to an orphanage in another city.  He has cerebral palsy.

The child care giver and another little cutie with Down Syndrome.

Lot' of interaction with the caregivers.

Isn't he a doll?

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