Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On boxes and stuff.

We are deep in moving mode now.  Most of our furniture has been sold and making its way to new homes.  Our boxes from Seven Seas World Wide shipping have arrived and we are determining what goes in them and what doesn't.  Apparently Chinese books have great priority.  Our plane tickets are purchased, our de-brief plans are confirmed, and we have a house to stay in for a while.  I am uploading resumes and Paul is preparing for his new position.  We are saying good-bye to someone almost every day and that is very, very hard.

Our little guy is getting ready to go to stay with his ayi.  Of course he has no idea what that means and it is tearing us up.  We are so thankful that we are leaving here with his future settled.  It gives us great peace to know that he has a  secure future ahead of him.
China has no official foster care system.  Foster care is done through orphanages or charitable organizations. We have received no renumeration for our care for him-it has come from our own resources and the kindness of people in our local community.
Currently there are no funds available in our foster care charity to pay our Chinese helper to care for our little guy for the year or so until his family arrives.  It's not a high salary by any means but his expenses and her salary add up to too much for us to carry alone. People often think that China is cheap and in some ways it is.  But inflation is rampant and costs are going up.  Diapers alone are about $50.00 a month.
So many people have loved and cared for our sweet baby and we are so thankful.  Would you consider helping us care for him until his family comes?  Small amounts add up to big amounts.
You can click on the paypal link below and I can guarantee that 100% of what is given will go to his care.  It's hard for us to ask, but we need to be sure he is well cared for.  Thank you so much.
If paypal isn't a good way for you to donate, e-mail me at the e-mail in my profile and I will give you another way to give.  Thanks!

If the link doesn't work,  my paypal is Sandyf61@yahoo.com.  Thanks!


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The Snyder Family said...

I have donated. I am new to this blog and will go back and read, but I'm hoping your foster son is safe and taken care of. I am in tears thinking about this transition for him. I have a 5 year old with DS and cannot stand the thought of such a dramatic change in his life. I do understand the impact you have made on his life in the time you have had him and he was not in an orphanage. Early intervention for kids with DS is critical.
I wish you all the best in your new adventures. I live in Seattle, WA. So I can say welcome to the Northwest:)