Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scenes from good-byes

Our friends took us out for dinner last night.  Some of our Columbia friends may recognize the woman second from the end Paul's left.

We got gifts of traditional DongBei fabric.

Our friend, Hongwen.  We have known her since about 2002!

The fish with imaginative eyes.

Shrimp and mushrooms and more.

Jiaozi with orange skins (from carrots)

Rick Warren came to China again and took a call at our house.

We took the little guy on a walk by the river near our house.  We ran into a friend who took this picture  I love it!  I can't tell you how many startled looks we get in public when we are out with him.  People don't know if he is ours, adopted,  or our grandchild.  It's even funnier when Elisabeth is with us as people can't figure out if maybe she is the mother!

Again with his beloved ayi-can you see the love between them?

Paul just took the HSK- Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi.  This woman was his teacher and tutor.  She was also my speaking teacher when I was at Dong Bei Da Xue.  She is fantastic.

Finally- the boxes.  The shipping company sent three men to drop off 14 empty boxes and to confirm that we did not have an elevator in our building. We live on the sixth floor of our six floor building.  You need seven floors for an elevator.  So we do a lot of stairs.
After the boxes were packed, they sent one man back for the boxes.  One- for 14 fully packed 30 kg boxes.  After some phone calling, another guy came and the boxes went off to Qingdao to get on the boat! 
We are hoping they will join us in the US in about 50 days.

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Marmee said...

I am so thankful for info on the shipping! We thought for sure that we were stuck selling everything, including our school curriculum before we headed home! The quote I received from Seven Seas was really good and now I have the confidence that I can buy more curriculum, etc. and have it sent home with me when I leave! Thanks!