Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hanging out with my buds.

Today we were very blessed  to have an occupational therapist and nurse from the US meet with the foster families of some Chinese orphans and the Chinese helpers who work for these families.
It was kind of a crazy day but worth it.  I had class this morning and Paul had to teach.  The team that came used our apartment for meetings and individual consultations.  They spent the morning working with the Chinese helpers and assessing the children.  Then they had lunch.  Then four families came in the afternoon for individual consultations. The children had varying issues- some are organic, some stem from time in the orphanage.  Poor muscle tone is a common issue for children who are left on their back for extended periods of time or children who have organic issues like Down's Syndrome.  We talked about feeding issues, sensory issues and physical therapy.
It was a long and exhausting day for the OT and nurse but valuable information was shared.  The more information we have to help these very special children, the better we can help them grow.

Physical therapy practice for our little guy.  He needs some core ab. strength!

Our little guy hanging out with his buddy JB.

JB thinks our little guy is cool and wants to touch him!  Our little guy is unsure of this approach!

JB has some physical therapy.

Another little cutie patootie and his foster mom.

We are so thankful that we get these kinds of wonderful helpers.  It really makes a difference for all of us!

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Wendy said...

What fun. What a great idea to have these professionals involved!