Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things we have seen recently

Yes, it's true!  We have a Dunkin's Donuts and it's pretty good!  We went there for Elisabeth's Birthday.

Chairman Mao in our city.  Yes, he still is everywhere!

Really big jiaozi at a restaurant.  Had to be cut in half to be eaten.

Look at that big boy!  He is now eating cereal and had his first banana today.

Our friend Esther came over and gave the baby a bottle.  

He loves his Jie Jie!

Sweet, chunky arms!  What a contrast to seven weeks ago.

Yes, he can lift  his legs and almost roll.  He can lift his head but wouldn't do it for this picture


Jeff Schultz said...

Oh my goodness -- he looks so much better! He looks like he's really thriving. What a joy that he was able to come home.

Thanks for sharing your life with us via the internet.

India said...

look at his fat little body! he looks like a sugar bag, and hopefully feels just as solid.

gvandyk said...

I have been following you news on the baby with interest. A couple who are good friends on mine are working to adopt a baby from China. They are getting close to finding out their choices. It was interesting to read of your experiances in a Chinese hospital. We have the best heath care in the world here in the US, but people still complain. If they only knew. God bless.

joannmski said...

LOVE the donuts. Good choice for the bday!

That boy looks great. You guys are doing a wonderful job!