Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday in China

Before I post a few pictures of things we saw on Sunday, let me share a story.
Today in my speaking class, my mind was wandering a little.  Suddenly I heard the teacher says something and I thought I heard the word "famous."  My ears perked up until I realized that they were talking about a movie.  My teacher said in Chinese that in English the movie was called "Possession."  I thought she asked me if I had heard of it and I said "Bu Zhi Dao."  The class laughed when I said this (it means "I don't know).  My deskmate offered me her dictionary and I felt a little confused.  I am pretty sure that what she asked me was how to spell "possession" and I told the class that I didn't know how.  Well, I do....and if I was sure that was what she had asked me, I'd tell them so!

So- we start this blogpost off to tell you that oxygen is good!  Since our foster baby has been out of the hospital for a little over a week, we have been checking his oxygen levels regularly.  With damaged lungs, we need to be vigilant to be careful about germs and illness and to make sure his oxygen levels are okay.  So far, so good!

Elisabeth and I went to Ikea to get new quilt (beizi) covers.  While I was in the restroom, I saw this sign on  the inside of the door of the stall.  Considering the sheer numbers of factories in China and the number of people dependent upon factory wages to live, I find this an odd advertisment!  http://www.worldbank.org/html/prddr/trans/octnovdec02/pgs4-6.htm  Information on China's economy.
Of course, maybe the people who are able to shop at Ikea don't care all that much about the factory workers here.  I still find it fairly thoughtless.

As Elisabeth and I walked towards our apartment, we saw these man whole covers covered with red paper and held down with apples.

As we walked a little farther, we saw the double happiness signs outside these doors.  That means that someone got married.  The covered manhole covers are to keep the bad spirits away.

Next post- the beach in China!


Anonymous said...

Little Guy is so beautiful!

Ellie said...

Ever wonder why people are so frightened of spirits that can be kept out by some tissue paper and apples?

Jeff Schultz said...

Love that first picture! I hope he's as happy as he looks!

Pam Terrell said...

Those covered manholes make me feel so sad and unsettled. I am so glad that you are bringing light and hope to China!

Tanya said...

He looks great! Love his open arms and smile!

I find the whole man hole cover thing intriguing ... :)

joannmski said...

That is very interesting about the manhole covers!

Boy looks SO cute in that picture.