Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elisabeth!

And Happy Birthday, Mom!  Yes, I had my daughter on my mother's birthday.
Elisabeth was a much waited for, much wanted child.  We were married for nine years before we had her and she was a special gift.  
After a relatively uneventful pregnancy, I went into the hospital to be induced on Sunday night, October 3.  She was big and I was overdue.  I slept on a labor and delivery bed that night and the pitocin was started at 6AM.  Contractions went on all day but there was no progress.  Around 6PM, they turned off the pitocin and boom, my water broke.  Then contractions really started.  I labored all night until I was able to push in the morning.  I pushed for two hours and then my doctor said it was enough.  I had an emergency c-section around 11:00 AM after a day and a half of labor.  It was totally worth it.
I'll tell you one story about Elisabeth that I think says so much about her character.  Last week, when I had to stay in the hospital with Yuan Bao, Elisabeth brought me one of my Luci Shaw poetry books.  (If you don't know who Luci Shaw is, look here www.lucishaw.com .)  Trust me, she is worth your time.  The fact that Elisabeth knew how much I loved Luci Shaw's poetry and brought that book to me on her own initiative just touched my heart deeply.  Elisabeth is a person of deep character.
Some things that you may not know about Elisabeth.
Her full name is Elisabeth Brianna.  Until she was six, we called her Brianna.
She was a terrible biter when she was a toddler.  I used to get "biting reports" almost every day from her daycare.  She had to wear a plastic teething toy around her neck so they could stick in in her mouth when they saw her heading towards another child with teeth bare.
She announced one day that she didn't wear diapers and was toilet trained right there.
As a toddler, she hated to wear clothes.  Ever.
She has lived in 8 different houses/apartments, three states and two countries.
She can drive a stick shift- a five speed.
She has a deep heart for justice and wants to study global issues.
She had a winning 4-H angora rabbit.
She had hamsters and anole lizards as pets.

She is deep.

She is funny- here she is being The Little Mermaid in Bei dai he.

She survived a bad hair cut.

She is lovely.

So happy birthday, Sweetheart.  We are glad to be your parents and happy to celebrate this day with you.


michelle said...

thank u for sharing her story - she is precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Ellie said...

My first was a biter too...

I babysat another biter and the two of them looked awful once they got at each other. I was only thankful I lived where CFS could not see them!

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!