Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are home...

We unexpectedly were able to go home yesterday thanks to the advocacy our our Chinese American and Chinese doctors.  They were able to convince the medical staff at the hospital that we could do at home what they were doing at the hospital.
So we packed up our stuff, got in a taxi and we are home.  Yuan Bao is still sick with an unusual pneumonia and will need to be on a antibiotics and a nebulizer for some time.  He came home exhausted and hungry but slept well last night and ate well this morning.
The thing to remember is that he is one of the "lucky" one.  All over China and all over the world there are orphans waiting for families to love them.   He has a family (us) who are willing to love him and foster him until the right family comes a long.  Keep your eyes and hearts open for a family for him and the many, many children like him.
The heroes of this stories are the doctors at the ShenYang Light clinic who found him, got him out of the orphanage, got him medical care and in one case, personally helped pay for some of his hospital stay.  If you would like to support these doctors and the work that they do, donations can be sent to
Global Partners
P.O. Box 50434
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Please include the following project name and number in the subject line of the check.  
Mark the check with a note saying that is for the "Light orphanage project."

Here is the Shenyang Light link if you want more information.