Thursday, October 28, 2010

When the lion lies down with the tiger and whirled peas.

Elisabeth goes to Shen Yang International School and she is the volleyball team mascot.  They just had a new tiger costume made- look closely at the ears....and the white fur next to the golden fur.  Anyway, she tried it on at a friends house and their son got on his lion suit for some pictures.
I am sorry to say Paul has picked up the habit of making the peace sign in pictures.  We'll have him deprogrammed when we are in the US for a few months next summer.

I am not sure what a Smoovlatte is but I didn't buy it.  This is why I carry a small camera with me all the time.

First try with peas!

Apparently a hit!

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jjnscat49 said...

very cute..both Elisabeth and Benjamin