Tuesday, October 19, 2010

These are the things that are making me happy these days.

Our cat, sitting on top of the TV during movie night, staring people down.  He just wanted the 20 plus people to know who the king was.

Almost every day,during my Chinese class break,  I go down to the "Foreigner Restaurant"  and buy a cup of coffee that is served in this cup.

Baby gymnastics!

My daughter, foster son, cat and panda bear nebulizer!

The fact that our foster son can now reach out and  grab things!

Pizza from Pizza Cooc.  This is a family size pizza (in the US, it would be a personal pizza).  This pizza has ham, pineapple and banana

A weekend at the beach with our friends and their fabulous children.  Sometimes the only way to survive the intensity of living in a big city is to get out of the city. This weekend was a blessing.

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