Sunday, April 4, 2010

A decapitated head, some not quite right English and a cutie patootie!

Yesterday, Elisabeth and I went shoe shopping.  And by shoe shopping, I don't mean getting in our car, trying on shoes, paying for them with our debit card and driving home.  Shoe shopping yesterday meant walking to the bank to get cash, getting on the bus to go to Wu Ai  Center isn't even the right word.  Wu Ai is blocks of big and little shops of all kinds of stuff.  In the right mood, it's super fun and entertaining.  In the wrong mood, it's overwhelming.
As we got off the bus, we came upon this odd sight.  A head sitting on a stick. I will admit that visions of old villages with foreigner heads on the outer gates did flash into my mind.

It was actually in front of a wig shop (you can see them in the window of the shop) but was still really creepy. There was another one a little farther up.

Then we came upon this sign.  I've laughed every time I've passed it on the bus, but finally had my camera with me.

I don't know which is worse-the huge, creepy baby picture or the thought of a "smoke defector."  This is an ad for a new Hilton that is going on.

Speaking of the Hilton...

Where you place the commas, in a sentence, actually does, make a difference.  Someone alert Paris Hilton about the new hotel ad!

Hello to you, little cutie!  If you look closely at the picture, you can see that the baby/toddler has a sheer scarf  over his head.  This is because of the dust/Gobi desert sand that is currently in the air.  The Gobi Desert sand blows across our city in the Spring and many people wear sheer scarves to protect their eyes and lungs.

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India said...

I walk by those heads all the time, but here, they're for showing curler techniques or something right outside hair salons.