Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little more not quite right English.

Today we went to a restaurant for lunch where we had the some of the worst food since we've been in  China.  It was called something like Bread Garden and we had greasy, yucky fake pizza stuff.  We'll be sticking with the local 5 kuai bowl of noodles at the local restaurant from now on.
As you enter the door.

The menu "Eat material name....Effect of life....relevant product.

This was on the take home menu.  I assume these cakes are really, really soft.  Or something.

New toothbrush.  "Bristles of comprehensive care.  Clean the teeth more comprehensively, make the oral cavity more fresh.  Special handle design, easy to grasp and comfortable."  This actually isn't bad!  Just a little wordy!

This is actually Australian cheddar cheese that we bought at the French owned grocery.  I know have one at least one Australian reader-does "bitey" mean "sharp?"  Or is this just a mistranslation?

As always, I must add the disclaimer that I am well aware that the English here is better than my Chinese on a really good day.  I was especially aware of that when I asked someone yesterday to "gao su" which means "explain" rather than "dao gao" which means" to pray".


tiel said...

ROFL! That right there is pure Australian you're looking at. Yes, "bitey" means "sharp".

Bega cheese is legendary! Here's their ad... this also, is pure Aussie advertising.


Walking to China said...

Thanks for the interpretation, Tez!

AussieMaz said...

Yay for Bega cheese! The town names in that ad are all real by the way.

Jeanie Burrell said...

I received the link to your site from Paul's father. Would apprecdiate an email from Paul so we can catch up. It has been far too long. I'm still at the same address.
Best wishes!