Saturday, April 10, 2010

Words that lead to the living word.

One of our more fun things that we do every week is participate in an English Corner.  English Corner's are all over China.  It's basically a conversation group like what we did in the USA.  This particular group is sponsored by some local people and managed by some students at a nearby university.  We talk about our favorite Book, read some of it and then discuss life issues.  These students are fun, full of life and questions.
Paul doing the initial reading and going over vocabulary.
Sandy's group last night.  We meet in a little bi-lingual kindergarten, hence the alphabet on the wall.
After conversation.

New friends.  Many of these students are far away from home and really miss their parents. We are glad to step into that role in a small way.

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She Goes Public said...

Paul is definitely in his element here. Love these pictures of the English Corner! Very cool.