Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Spring.

We've had some serious signs of Spring in the last few days!  We are down to one jacket and one layer of long john's.  We've actually cracked our windows a few times.  And look!

Forsythia!  One of my favorite bushes.  When we lived in Germany, I used to cut it and use it for an Easter tree.  It really warmed my heart to see it here.  The pear trees are starting to bloom also.  Spring is very short here so we'll enjoy the blooms while we can!
Speaking of Spring- those who guessed that the China Culture test below was a scarf to protect from dust and/or pollution were correct.  China has a huge dust problem because of deforestation.  Our city does not get hit as strongly as some other cities or even countries.  South Korea gets hit pretty hard with yellow dust.
  People wear masks here year round because of pollution, dust and cold.  The scarves are patterned but sheer and people can see through them.  It's usually women who wear them or children.

The first time I saw one, I was a little taken aback!  Some of the scarves are very dark and it looked odd seeing a woman who I thought couldn't see riding her bicycle.
I'd sure love to know the secret of getting little kids to wear them!

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