Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I ate for dinner.

We went out for dinner the other night.  We were taking a friend to Elisabeth's play performance and the appropriate thing to do is dinner before hand.  Our other friend met us and told us that she thought there was a Sichuan restaurant near by where we could get a taxi to the international school.

So off we went to

Which turned out to be Hot Pot and not Sichuan.

We had these spices- garlic and ginger and more!

And cooked tofu and meat and vegetables in this hot pot right on the table.

On our way out, we saw this....

and this....and I wasn't sorry we hadn't ordered them!


Sarah said...

you know you wanted to eat more frogs

Ellie said...

ewww yuck!

no... I'll eat cow's guts a thousand times before baby frogs!