Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the streets in China...

One of the amazing things in China is the availability of services on the street.  The variety never fails to fascinate us!

You can get a hair cut.
Or a shave.

You can get your shoes polished or fixed...and some good conversation!

Need something sewn? problem with this treadle sewing machine. You can also buy telephone cards there!

Fresh ginger root?



Moped and bikes can be fixed on the spot.  Flat tire?  Walk your bike or moped a block or so and there will be a repair person.

If you need your knives sharpened, this is your man.

There are many, many car washes.

And on a more serious note, flowers and offerings to idols can be bought at these little stores and sidewalk stands.  "Tomb Sweeping Day" is on Monday, where people go to the graves of their ancestors and offer honor and worship.  We ride past this little shop everyday that sells spirit money, "gold" and flowers.


Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like the signs in the Middle East. Although I can read Arabic better than Chinese, the English is just as crappy.

Walking to China said...

In some ways, yes. But it often makes perfect semantic sense in Chinese!