Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mi4 Mi4 Hua1 Yuan2

We know that we are blessed and privileged to live overseas.  One of our greatest blessings is our school - the ShenYang  International School.  This school has been great for Elisabeth and for us.  The commitment of the teacher's to their students is amazing.  We are very thankful.
Last semester, two of the teacher's decided to do a play.  They came up with a script for The Secret Garden.  They had tryouts for the play (but not for specific parts).   Elisabeth got Mary, the main character.  She had mixed feelings about this, as she knew she would have to be at every practice as Mary is in almost every scene.  Elisabeth also wanted to play soccer in the Spring and that would be a lot of after school activity.  She worked hard, kept her grades up and just did a great job.  We are really proud of her.
So after many months of practice, Thursday was the first night of the play.  They did a total of three performances and all were just so excellent. The cast was multi-cultural- American, Korean-American, Korean, Indian.  It was just a great night and we are so proud of all the students and the teachers.
Pictures below.

Announcements were made in English, Korean and Chinese.

Mrs. Medlock and Mary

"What?  I don't have an Ayah to dress me?"

Mrs. Medlock, Mr. Pitcher and Mr. Craven.

Mary and Colin

Mary and Martha (not the biblical sisters!)  The girl who played Martha was just a hoot.  Really expressive and funny.  Great Yorkshire accent!

Colin, Dickon and Mary.

Colin and Mr. Craven

Claps and cheers to all!

What a wonderful evening!


AussieMaz said...

wow, that looks like it was a great production! A lot of effort has gone into the costuming and scenery.

Brian and Eva said...

The girls' favorite part was definitely when Mary and Colin both screamed at the top of their lungs! We don't love the re-enactments!