Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So what's on our plate this week and one more culture test!

Some teaching and some learning and some activity!
Chinese school is every day.  We get up, finish any homework and head off on our bicycles about 20-25 minutes across the city.  We are in class from 9:00 - 12:00 every day.  
Yesterday was an interesting day.  There was a notice up that the water would be off from 7AM until 10PM.  Since we were caught off guard last week when they turned off our water and electricity, we were determined to be better prepared this time.  We filled up tubs and pots.  We got up at 5AM and showered and made coffee.  We filled our bathtub and did all essential bathroom activity.  When we left at 8AM, the water was still on.  It was raining and it rained hard all day.  The water never went off!  We were afraid that it would be turned off today so we got up early again.  The water has been on all day!
We were glad to have the water on because we have a special Chinese class at our house on Mondays.  We learn stories and vocabulary that we don't learn in our Chinese classes.  It's fun class taught by a Chinese woman with the same world view that we have.  
Teaching is another thing on our plate this week.  Paul was able to teach twice this Sunday at two different places.  Both places were full and his teaching was well received.  I teach ESL once a week at the international school.  The kids are fun and I really enjoy doing it.
This week has lots of activity!  We have a few meetings.  This week is the school play.  The play is The Secret Garden and Elisabeth has the role of Mary.  We are totally excited for her and for the other kids in the play.    I have to bake 10 dozen oatmeal cookies in my mini-oven!  They will be sold at intermission.

So, one more culture test.

What is going on in this picture?  What are the women wearing?  Why?  Guess in the comment section.  BTW, comments are moderated so your comment might not show up right away.


Clay said...

Eastern China is famous for its western China dust. Some people are so sensitive to the dust they must cover their heads when outside.

Jan said...

They are standing at a bus stop and are covered to minimize the dirt and grime thrown by bus wheels and the exhaust fumes.

Have a good week! Elizabeth's play sounds great. I don't envy you having to bake all those cookies in that small oven!

Patrick said...

Allergies??? Looks like a bee keeper net thing!

Tanya said...

I think it's to protect them from the dust, too.

And good luck on that toaster oven baking cookies thing. Wow, 10 dozen, and you can maybe get a half dozen baked at a time ... at 8 - 10 mins each batch! Seems like it would take forever. I feel for you!